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sugar baby datingSugar baby is a slang term used for a male /female who is finically pampered by a sugar daddy or sugar mama in exchange for sexual favors/companionship. Sugar daddy is a slang term for a man who offers to support a younger man or woman after establishing a sexual relationship.

There a lot of sites for rich men dating that have come up lately. One of them is This website is considered to be the world’s largest sugar daddy dating site/rich men dating site. It is a niche-dating site that caters to millionaires and those young women who are willing to be pampered. This is a high class dating site is basically for those rich and successful men who are financially secure and confident and looking for attractive women.

This website offers two relationship choices:

Strictly sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship
Not strictly sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship.

To be eligible to join, the member must be over 21 years of age. Other than the unique benefits and features that this site offers, there is a lot of media attention that this site has gained over the years. Some benefits of this site are:
One-click searches for new members for who has placed you in their hot-lists
No automatic billing

Most of the features of this site like email, photos, hot listing are standard. However, the search feature is very vague as users can look at other areas in a large area and not particularly, in their areas. Another drawback is that actual verification of income doesn’t take place on the site. So, users write whatever they please. Moreover, there is an inclination towards male sugar daddies and female sugar babies and their heterosexual pairings.

Apart from the above, the site is doing exceptionally well. It has about 4 million members and 1000 new profiles are updated everyday without fail. There are some members who have actually found their soul mates through this niche men-dating site.

People have actually become addicted to dating on this site. And there are others who owe a big debt of gratitude to this site to find their perfect sugar daddy. And that it was the best thing that ever happened to them. It is interesting to read the testimonials of these members and to see what a rage this site has become. will help you find your perfect sugar daddy and sugar baby. It is the largest and one of its kind rich men-dating sites.